Sunday, August 31, 2008

Norah's Photo Shoot

By now it's getting apparent that this is not really nathanandsarahjane so much as Oh well. Here's a mini photo shoot we had trying to catch Norah doing her 'blue steele.'

And there it is folks. I've finally captured it for posterity—which is Norah for the time being.

Wildwood Blessing

We gathered at Wildwood for Eleanor Cate's blessing. It was a beautiful day, with family gathering from near and far. Thanks to all for coming, family and friends. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are some photos.

Here's our lovely daughter. It was a surprisingly emotional day for me as a father.

This is the paternal representation, Bowens and Paxmans.

And now, King and Cathy and the fruit of their loom. Norah is grandchild number eight.

Norah with her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Norah with her admiring cousins. Lily (left) has the best seat in the house. I tried to negotiate with Jenn to hold me like that and let Lily hold Norah, but we opted to forgo and capitalize while everyone was smiling.

Here's our friends, Craig and Kristin. They're part of our New York family, now transplanted to Salt Lake.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Norah and Leo, sitting on an ottoman...

Now, we're obviously in an age and place where arranged marriages, dowries, and so forth are more fodder for jokes than anything, but now that I have my own kid, I can see why parents pulled such shenanigans on their children. When visiting Holly and Paul, we decided to put Norah real close next to Leo to see if any sparks flew.

They looked like two peas in a pod. Or just two pods.

Meet the Grandparents



Papa Scott.


...and finally, special Twin Peaks bonus photo: My 2 Grandpas


Now that the Utah leg of our journey has come and gone, it's time to post more stuff. First and foremost is the meeting of Norah and Lily, cousins united for the first time.

Don't be fooled by Norah's grimace. She's smiling on the inside. Lily's smile says it all: best friends forever (cue Barbie Dream Castle music).

Proud padres. I mean, stolzige Väter.

Now let's get one with all the parents. Notice that Lily isn't sure which one is her mom for a second.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Norah, meet Sam. Sam, meet Norah

Norah is making her tour to visit family. We the parents are her entourage, bodyguards, and diaper and feeding service. If reading that just sounded awkward at the end, yes, sometimes we are her diaper. Anyway, she's rolling in style.

We think she's faired pretty well with the flight and elevation adjustment. So well, in fact, that I was able to catch her yoddling.

All kidding aside, this is a little bit closer to our reality these days.

My two girls. I submitted this to Ensign.

But I digress. Here's Norah and Sam together for the first time.

...And here's Nathan and Jeremy together as fathers for the first time. Weird. And good. Wood.

For more of Sam and Norah together, visit here. Norah has met all of her cousins and family on Mom's side, but we've yet to obtain photographs. We look forward to giving that due attention.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I just doubled my age

The post title should be said with a Ralph Wiggum voice. Okay, so at the two-week stage, she still looks like a baby. But my sources tell me that there is a specialized populace interested in more footage of Norah. And indeed, she seems to have added a few more looks.

Norah the Sleepy.

Norah, the Prophet.

I meant prophetess, but it didn't quite have the same PBS documentary ring to it. She was just prophesying here that she would need a changing within the hour. She was right too.

Norah, the Wee.

Norah, the Pale.

Norah, the 'What do you want?'

Now, in correlation to the Zoolander reference in a previous post, I have noticed that after diaper changes, Norah gives a 'Blue Steele' look (her most confident and clean look), but I can never photograph this because it always happens just after I pick her up and have my hands full. Attempts to take a picture while holding her with one arm have been awkward and ill-advised. In lieu of showing post-feeding/diaper change material, I will present a very common dance that Norah does pre-feeding (followed by the inevitable and congratulatory diaper change):

That's all for now, folks. She'll be coming soon to a theater near you. Or not. We rent a lot of movies these days.