Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SUPER Nathan

Last spring Paul and Holly J. and I went to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. in Park Slope (see photo here.) It's very fun if you ever get the chance to go. You get to try on capes in their full-service cape-testing station, and register your Superhero identity and powers in their Book of Superheroes. It's a really clever store, with great stuff such as 'invisible beam sensors,' 'space/time sleds,' 'foil force fields,' 'low budget utility belts,' 'invisibilty tracking devices,' and more. The coolest part is that it actually is a front for a tutoring center for young writers, and the entrance to the tutoring center is behind a wall of Superhero supplies. Good job Dave Eggars.

When Brigham, Jennie, and Jeremy were in town we decided to go out to Brooklyn, and found ourselves near the store. This time around Nathan donned the cape, and as you can see, it suited him well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

Phew... they're all pretty good ones, although I'm not going to pretend that there wasn't a picture of Angela Landsbury in there too that I took out.

My Celebrity Look-alikes

Check out Nathan's Celebrity Look-alikes... I especially love that he looks like both Little Richard and Tony Blair, and that the picture of 'Matthew Fox' is actually Ben Affleck.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Brothers in New York

We had visits from three brothers last week...

First Jeremy came from Provo to interview for graphic design internships for the summer.
(This is Jeremy on our roof looking down through the skylight.)

While Jeremy was in town, Brigham and Jennie came up from D.C. to hang out too, which was a lot of fun. All three Brothers B in one place.

Then Michael came through on his whirlwind east
coast tour, and we were lucky that he had some down time while in New York to come down and see our apartment and go out for some yummy Cuban food.