Sunday, December 05, 2010


Dr. Martin Luther King: We honor you. And since this is a holiday, we hope that it can serve as a segway for some serious blogging catchup. Ahem. Thanksgiving.

We went up to North Bend, WA for Thanksgiving this (last) year. We arrived just after a snow storm had passed through.

Norah was thrilled to see the snow and her people. Yet it was clear she wasn't sure how to deal with the cold.

If it looks like she's not sure what to do, then you've got an accurate read. She stayed motionless until she decided she didn't want to be outside any more. The reticence for playing in the snow was confirmed again at Christmas time.

Norah and Bop!

Three snowmen for three tikes. Iconic. (Note that Norah is still in her frozen pose.)

Meanwhile, James stayed indoors and got to know his peeps.


And my cousins! Holding James!

As is customary for Thanksgiving, we had a meal. It was really lovely, prepared by many hands.

Here is a picture of my Dad with his hands.

We had lovely leftovers.

And lovely treats.

And there was much obligatory resting.

Seriously, parents of small children need rest. This is conclusion number 1 of parenthood.

Don't let pictures like these fool you into thinking kids just hang out and lounge around. Not so. Ohhh so not so.

Anyway, with the cold snow and eventual rain, a little cabin fever set in. Thus, measures were taken.

We found this little gem of a warehouse on a rainy day. Awesomeness defined.

And speaking of awesomeness, with the Hatches and Browns in town, you know it's going to be fun. Good times had by most, if not all.

Sisters. Sisters... There were never such devoted sisters...

And the men folk were able to play strategic games and study Chinese.

We had time to talk, which was nice.

Alright, it's time to wrap it up. It was good for James to meet the Bowen contingent, and for us to have some quality family time. On this Martin Luther King Day, we are truly grateful for our family. Look for a Christmas post soon... probably around Valentine's Day.