Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 months!

Norah is now 9 months old, in the 80th percentile for both height and weight, and full of new tricks. Gone are the days of plopping this girl down with some toys, she is on the move and into EVERYTHING! Her current fascinations include shoes, the inside of the refrigerator, and pulling out the DVDs and books on the bottom shelves multiple times a day. Getting her dressed and changing her diaper is now a full on wrestling match as she is very proud of her newest trick of getting herself from her back to sitting up.

(Thanks for the great back-drop Holly & Paul)

Her crawling skills are improving as well (see above), the other night she was in the living room (pulling out the DVDs) and I went to turn on the water for her bath and before I was even out of the bathroom she had heard the water going and booked it over. This girl still LOVES a good bath, and still HATES when she has to get dressed, see below:

(and check out those 2 little bottom teeth!)

This is such a fun stage, I feel like she is figuring out something new everyday— we are just trying to do our best to keep up!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter!

We were lucky to spend Easter in Utah this year. I haven't been home for Easter since I moved to New York almost 6 years ago so it was wonderful to be there, and it was really fun that Norah's first Easter could be with some of her extended family.

It was a beautiful spring day, and we all enjoyed being outside and joining in on the fun.

Some footage of Norah's first Easter Egg Hunt:

Monday, April 13, 2009

While We're Away

We are away in Utah for spring break, so look for new posts featuring Easter and the trip next week when we get back. But for all our 10 or so readers out there, here is something for you to check out while we're gone:

My talented sister is the guest mom on DesignMom this week! Check it out. And she's posting all week, so be sure to check back in.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Exploding Weekend

Hi gang, now that nycemf is over (phew), I'm back on the blogging block. To recap some highlights of an explosive weekend:

First, my brother Brigham totally surprised me by arriving Saturday afternoon from D.C. to attend my performance at The Tank. I had no idea, as I was engulfed in preparations for the piece (which was improvised. I had to write the code so I could perform on my laptop. Blah blah blah). To show you how preoccupied I was, I have no picture to display of his presence. So here's a space for his would-have-been picture:

Seated to Brigham's right are my cousin, Nancy, and Dave Lewis, also not appearing. Thanks for coming guys! Also, special thanks to Miles for coming and letting me commandeer his laptop too.

Here's me performing Gotham Swift. Watching a laptop performance can be pretty boring, so here you can see that I at least tried to get in a groove.

Among the highlights on the concert: Cathy van Eck presented her piece Hearing Sirens, where she walked around in the space with music blasting out of her speaker pack. It was all about the way sound refracts off of surfaces. So here, you could hear the music coming out of the speakers, but I heard it even more prominently bouncing off the wall to the left. I loved it. In lieu of the witty one-liner I can't think of, I'll leave it up to commenters to come up with good captions for this. I expect at least one spouse joke.

Last night we made a kebab dinner using the oven, and when we went to take out the dish, it exploded! Thick pyrex glass was everywhere. Peppers were lost. Norah was freaked (she doesn't like big surprising noises. Just ask Brigham). Fortunately we had lined the pan with foil in an attempt to preserve the juices from the broiler, meaning that dinner was preserved. Click on the picture to view the aftermath in detail. Has this ever happened to anyone?

Other than these loud and exciting events, we enjoyed a quiet weekend together listening to General Conference, catching up with friends and family, going for a great walk, and taking dead-to-the-world naps. Good times.