Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My new addiction

So I know that ebay has been around forever, but I have just recently made it a part of my life and I am here to say it has changed it forever. As we are suddenly in the business of accumulating mass baby items I've realized that having a baby is not cheap. There is SO MUCH to get. Lately I have started scoping out ebay (and Cragislist) on a regular basis, and so far we've been pretty lucky.

We have been able to get the exact crib we want for half the price (on Craigslist).

The exact baby bouncer we wanted for $40 cheaper. (p.s. this bouncer is so awesome because it folds up which is amazing for a small New York apartment)
And the exact baby sling I wanted for $14 cheaper.

While I'm on the subject of baby stuff, do any of you have any recommendations of things we MUST get, or that we definitely DON'T NEED? I feel sort of clueless and would love any advice or recommendations on favorite brands and/or must have items.