Friday, October 23, 2009

15 months of fun

Okay, so Norah is 15 months old. For some reason this feels like a watershed moment, and we must therefore chronicle. Not that our blog isn't all about her anyway...

First, she loves to read books. It's pretty awesome, especially when she brings a book over to you for you to read with her. It's even better when she's got the book memorized; she'll anticipate the next page by saying the next word or doing the next motion before you get there.

She loves all her little friends. And forts.

She is still a water baby. Bath, pool, ocean, fountains, you name it. They all get her excited. And at 15 months, she now has enough hair to create the obligatory shampoo mohawk.

She is also talking a lot. Most of what she says is hard to decipher, but sometimes she goes on for a while and gets really animated. Check it out:

She's probably proposing effective health care solutions, to no avail.

Here's what we can tell she's saying for sure:

hi, or hey! (high-pitched to low pitched)
moon (said for both moon and balloon)
ding dong (said "din don")
shoes (said "sues")
banana (na na)
baby (said "bee bee," whispered)
bah ba (bottle)
paci (pacifier)
night night (nigh nigh)
thank you (said "da doo")
Plex (the magic robot from Yo Gabba Gabba)
bye bye

Finally, she is cruising. Her special crawl is now officially a thing of the past. I truly think the motivating factor for walking was having both hands available for carrying stuff.

Is it just me or is all this growth happening really fast?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

There's a Party in my Tummy!

Norah has been growing teeth this week so my already picky eater has become even less interested in food the past few days. So today I decided to make some of her favorites for lunch with the hope that she'd at least eat some of it. (I also let her eat in just her diaper, which she LOVES.)

Mac & Cheese! In my tummy party party! Sweet potato fries! In my tummy party party! Yo grapes! Here we go!

Does Broccoli want to go to the party in my tummy? (Okay, so it isn't that easy. My only real shot at getting some green veggies in this kid is to sneak it in. I have a feeling this cookbook is going to come in handy in the years to come.)

There's a party in my tummy...

so yummy, so yummy!

Yay! (

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fun at the Farm

It's pumpkin season, so today Norah and I picked Nathan up from work to go on an outing to the farm.

To get into the farm spirit, here's Norah holding her pig in front of a huge cow.

On our way to the corn maze we stopped to see how tall we all are this fall by standing next to this 6 ft. cardboard pumpkin with eyelashes and shoes. What can I say, it is a good measuring stick.

(still the same as last fall...)

(still the same as last fall...)

(8 inches taller!)
corn maze.

and of course... the pumpkin patch

(it should be noted that my brother broke his arm as a little kid by falling off a giant pumpkin, so this photo opportunity was taken with some apprehension on my part)

Happy Fall... even if it still feels like summer.