Monday, April 28, 2008

April Showers

When we were in Utah last week we were blessed with not one, but THREE awesome baby showers. Thanks everyone who came, planned, and gave us such amazing gifts. Our baby is so lucky. We love you all so much.

First was a shower given by my oldest best friends. It was so fun to see everyone (and their babies).
Kristen, Katie (Lucy), Me

Second we had a 'couples shower' with all our BFFs from NYC who now live in Utah.

Karisa & McKay, John & Amy, Kristin & Craig, Nathan & the Great Pumpkin, Holly & Paul

(awesome picture of new mom, Holly)

There must have been a challenge issued as to who could give the most amazing gift, because seriously every one of our friends brought their A-game! Our baby will be way hipper than either Nathan or I could ever hope to be.

And third, Nathan's mom threw Monica (our sister-in-law expecting a boy in June) and I a very fun famly shower at Grandma B.'s house.

Thank you again everyone! Our kid is going to be far better dressed and equipped than either of her parents (which I should get used to I guess).

Maternity Jeans

I was extremely hesitant to buy a pair of maternity jeans because I felt weird about the whole elastic-waisted jeans idea, but I have since acquiesced (out of obvious sheer necessity) and have found that they are MUCH more comfortable than trying to wear my regular jeans via a rubber band (who was I kidding really?). Plus, the added bonus of wearing jeans with an elastic waist band is that you never have to worry if your fly is down.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Today I decided to count how many stairs I go up and down on my way to and from work. 148. Each way. More if I take the V subway line instead of the E, which I do when I miss the E or if the V comes first going home. There are 148 stairs between my apartment and my office. No wonder I'm so tired when I get home... well that and being almost 6 months pregnant I guess.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hooray for the return of TV!

TV viewing has been seriously lacking the past few weeks/months, and now that LOST is also on hiatus the pickings have been particularly slim. I'm very much looking forward to tonight's all new line up on NBC—The Office, Scrubs, and best of all, 30 Rock!

Luckily we had a few gems like this from SNL to tide us over:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Champions Once Again

For the second year in a row our little Dodgeball team won the championship.

Here's some glorious footage of Nathan getting out:
(I love this because Nathan walks so confidently up to the line, bouncing the ball all 'I'm going to get you' like, makes one throw and then promptly gets out :)

And here's some footage of him in the championship match redeeming himself:

(2 catches! For those of you keeping score, a catch means the thrower is out and a teammate of the catcher comes in. The two catches is a four point swing.)

And here's some quality team play, with a championship on the line:

Our New Niece

This is our beautiful new niece, Lily Catherine. Yay! We're so excited to meet our little red-head. Congratulations Jen, Matt, Abby & Belle.