Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010 (get ready for lots of photos)

Last year we made a last minute trip to Utah for Halloween weekend. We had so much fun that this year we decided to do it again.

We arrived Friday morning in time to rest up and get ready for the second annual Udall Halloween party. We all got dressed up, and it was the first time my WHOLE family had all been together in a while, and the first time James met his extended family. We're glad we could introduce him to them for the first time dressed like a banana:

Norah decided a few months ago that she wanted to be a butterfly, so we have had her costume ready to go for awhile. However, despite her enthusiasm, she would never try on the wings. The week prior to Halloween we talked a lot about Halloween and trick-or-treating, and two days before we left for Utah she finally decided to try them on. Once she saw herself in the mirror with them on, she was hooked.

Nathan and I dressed up as Zombie Parents. We figured it wasn't a far stretch from reality these days, we just had to fill those dark circles under our eyes in a little bit.

The party was a lot of fun... hanging out with cousins, playing Halloween games, and eating lots of yummy treats.

Saturday (day of) was a gorgeous fall day to start. We went over to my sister's house to carve pumpkins and play in the leaves. Pretty quintessential fall afternoon. We all loved it, Norah especially.

Unfortunately as trick-or-treating time approached, it started to rain, so we had to bundle up and wait out the rain a bit, but that didn't stop these two:

Norah loved every minute of trick-or-treating, especially getting to run from house to house with her cousin and little bestie, Lily. I'm so glad it lived up to all her expectations.

Halloween weekend also marked the first meeting of these two guys. You might remember them in utero from this post. It was so fun to finally see them both together.

And don't think they missed out on the Halloween fun.

It was a great weekend all around, just as we knew it would be.


Eliza said...

Zombie parents - brilliant!

Annette said...

Hooray, Halloween photos! What a fun trip for you Zombie Parents. Thanks for sharing these with us. We cannot wait to see you next week. Crazy fun.

shayna said...

woah, Nate looks totally freaky. Halloween was a success.

Mandy said...

So fun! Glad you guy got to go. Love the picture of Norah's scrunched up smile in the first pic. We miss you guys.

Catherine said...

I love the video. Such cuties, Norah and Lily, and James and Ethan. I have the cutest cousins ever (as I have said repeatedly before)

Kathryn said...

You costumes are perfect.

And you look fabulous. :)

amy smart said...

We loved seeing you guys! Next time we hopefully won't have a week of the barfs before hand so that I can snuggle that baby!

Mom or Dad said...

Love the photos! Thanks for posting. Love, Mom

Hi! said...

LOL at the zombie parents, we have a family picture that looks very similar and it wasn't any where near Halloween. Love the fairies walking down the road and the 2 baby bears, cute.
Love, Irene in Bellevue